10 reasons to train with the Masterflex Group


1. Constant fresh duties and challenges


Our trainees aren't just here to perform menial tasks. Because we constantly provide fresh duties and challenges, you are always gaining new experiences that will help in your profession. 


2. Contact with customers and suppliers from around the entire world


We are active around the entire world! This means our trainees learn to deal with international business partners right from the outset.


3. The opportunity to experience trade fairs and field service


Working as an industrial clerk doesn't mean that you just sit in the office. On-site customer care and work at trade fairs also form part of your training.


4. Trainee days


Once a year our trainees from throughout Germany meet at a specific location in order to get to know our subsidiaries and their trainees, to find out more about our group, to exchange views and to learn from one another.  


5. The option to work abroad


Since we have locations around the globe our trainees have the opportunity to spend a period at an international location when they have completed their training where they can gain experience and get to know the country.


6. The opportunity to independently create and carry out trainee projects


We welcome our trainees' ideas and suggestions and they have the opportunity to independently implement them as projects ‒ such as this web page!


7. Additional examination preparation


To help you obtain the best possible result in your final examination, you will be supported before examinations both at the company and on separate preparation courses.


8. Daily insights into the work of the respective department


In the course of your daily work in the training departments you will grow into your profession with us.


9. Opportunities + promotion of continuing instruction after training


If you still need a little more input after your training, we will help you to continue with your further training. You can adapt your hours so that you can study in tandem with work or undertake other further training.


10. Joint problem solving


Do you have a problem with your training that you can't resolve alone? No problem! Our training supervisors and trainee instructors on site will always be happy to listen to your concerns!

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