10 reasons to choose the Masterflex Group

1. Specialist

We do not offer mass-produced goods but are the leading specialist in high-tech hoses and connection systems made from premium-quality plastics.

2. A global market and innovation leader

We are an official global market and innovation leader: you can leverage this power and build on your own strengths with us.

3. Shaping the future

We will remain competitive in the future and safeguard jobs because we have innovative processes and products.

4. Attractive customers

Our hoses safeguard key functions in all major industries ‒ from aviation through medical technology to the agricultural and food technology sectors.

5. German Engineering

Fancy some "German Engineering"? Then you've come to the right place. For we insist on quality, adaptability, commitment, dedication and sustainability.

6. Responsibility

With us you will swiftly have the opportunity to assume responsibility for projects and products.

7. Flat hierarchies

Despite our steady rate of growth we have flat hierarchies and short chains of command.

8. Further training

We invest in the qualification of our employees through further training.

9. Work-life balance

Looking to strike the right work-life balance? Well with us you can. We offer work models suited to the life situation of each individual.

10. Diversity

Our success has around 600 faces ‒ and we truly value and nurture this diversity of experiences, perspectives and life plans.

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