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We are one of the very best companies. A fact illustrated by the wealth of accolades we have garnered. For it is not just our products but we as an employer that meet the very highest standards:

Top 100 Innovative SMEs

The Masterflex Group was one of the top 100 most innovative SMEs in Germany in 2016 ‒ an accolade conferred by Top 100. The innovation management of the Masterflex Group attained an overall "A" rating, with Top 100 deeming the company to have achieved outstanding professional innovation management at the international level Click here to see our presentation on the TOP 100 most innovative German SMEs 2016 website.

World market leader

There are plenty of companies that claim to be world market leaders. Far too many, in the opinion of the University of St. Gallen ‒ which teamed up with the Academy of German World Market Leaders (ADWM) to draw up its own 'World market leader index for Germany, Austria and Switzerland'. And we were included in the inaugural global market leader ranking compiled by this prestigious university. It's a fantastic accolade and one that spurs us on!

Innovation champion

We occupied 32nd place in the "Innovation Champions 2015" ranking. The Munich Strategy Group (MSG) consulting firm was commissioned by the business weekly "Wirtschaftswoche" to assess the innovative power of 3300 SMEs. According to this research, the Innovation Champions stand out for their dynamism and continuous innovations, have established an idea-promoting culture and are seen by rivals as pioneers.

kununu Top Company Award

The employer review portal rates us a "Top Company". This shows us that our employees identify with their company. Click here for details of this award.

Employer seal of approval

Good employees are not a gift from heaven. That's why every year on the 1st of August we train committed students in commercial and technical professions. "Quality through training" is the name of the accolade from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce conferred for our steadfast commitment to professional training.

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