Why Masterflex Group?

The Masterflex Group is a value-oriented business. Our corporate culture is one of the reasons why our employees are proud to work for us. And it provides a framework for how we behave and interact with one another. The cornerstones of our corporate culture are openness, tolerance and mutual respect. You can read here about the personal benefits we can offer you and why our employees like to work for us:

Corporate culture

We are an internationally-active business with roots in the SME sector. Our head office is in Gelsenkirchen. Since our foundation in 1987 we have constantly evolved: over the last three decades the "Masterflex Kunststofftechnik GmbH" company founded in Herten in the Ruhr area with just three employees has evolved into an internationally-active business group with over 600 employees. And despite globalisation we have retained the traits of an SME: work at our company is characterised by flat hierarchies, short chains of command and proximity to decision-makers. In addition to openness, tolerance and mutual respect we foster independent thinking and high performance levels among our employees. This cooperative mindset is to be found in virtually every area of our company. We have set ourselves ambitious goals which we achieve with verve and innovative power. We offer secure and attractive jobs to committed and achievement-oriented employees. In short: it's an exciting time to join us!

Social responsibility

We assume social and environmental responsibility by embedding sustainability concepts in our business strategy. In keeping with this philosophy, for many years we have been providing financial support (for example, through the B2RUN company run) and practical assistance (for example, through the packing of Christmas parcels for the needy by our trainees) to the Gelsenkirchener Tafel und Kindertafel food bank.

Integration in practice

We strive to be an attractive employer for all employees and to offer everyone equal opportunities. This is why we actively support the integration of people with a disability. In this regard, particular importance is attached to the partnership between Matzen & Timm in Norderstedt and the Elbe-Werkstätten company in Hamburg. Eight Elbe employees are currently placed with Matzen & Timm, where they perform low-skilled activities. This model has been successfully in operation for six years.


Our success has around 600 faces ‒ those of people of various ages committed to the achievement of our common goals in Germany, Europe and around the entire world. We appreciate and foster this diversity of experiences, viewpoints and life plans. In this way prospects and potential are unleashed from which we all benefit.


We are an official global market leader and recognised as one of the TOP 100 most innovative German SMEs.

To achieve this status we underwent a demanding and scientific selection process that examined our general innovation management as well as our innovation successes. For we also want to be a successful company moving forward.

The outstanding innovation balance sheet highlighted by the TOP 100 accolade demonstrates the importance that we attach to the theme of "innovation". From further training through the company suggestion scheme (BVW), employee inventor compensation and naming competitions for new products to our overarching conceptual and strategic idea management, the creative services of all our employees around the globe are encouraged, incentivised, facilitated and rewarded.

Why we are innovative...

  • Because we regularly stage group-wide innovation meetings
  • Because we only work on genuinely marketable ideas
  • Because we learn from our mistakes and allow new ideas to evolve from them
  • Because our innovation culture is experienced by our employees and fostered by management
  • Because our employees have time for technical experiments and to trial new projects
  • Because our development, marketing and sales departments work as closely as possible together
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