Masterflex granted patent for Master PUR Inline and Master PUR Performance hoses

Patent for Performance and Inline hoses

Pole position for Masterflex: The industrial brand of the Masterflex Group has been granted a patent for its Master PUR Inline and Master PUR Performance hoses. The patent describes the unique inner lining of the hoses and covers both the manufacturing process and the finished product.

Masterflex is thus the only manufacturer in Germany able and permitted to produce polyurethane hoses of up to 25 metres in length with inner linings in a single piece. "That is why we have a unique selling point in the area of PU hoses", emphasises Christian Horstkötter, Managing Director Sales Europe Industrial Solutions at the Masterflex Group. The process is used for hoses of the Master PUR Inline and Master PUR Performance series.

Until now, the inner surface of conventional hoses has a slight profile due to the manufacturing process. Lining with a cast elastomer evens out this profile and gives the product a unique inner smoothness. Moreover, the specially developed material has an even higher level of abrasion resistance that is found in conventional PU tubes.

The completely smooth inner lining combined with very high flexibility makes the hoses in this product series unrivalled customer favourites. Thanks to their particularly smooth, totally abrasion-resistant and extremely flexible properties, hoses from the Master PUR Performance and Master PUR Inline series are especially suitable for transporting highly abrasive and other problematic media.

The granting of the patent, which is valid until 2026, also brings an end to a legal dispute that has lasted several years, which has now been decided in the company's favour.

Research & development and special manufacturing processes form the basis of the Masterflex Group's innovative strength, which enables the company to be the global market leader for hoses and connection systems. We were also the very first company on the market to bundle interconnected and intelligent variants and options of our entire product portfolio under the name AMPIUS.

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