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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Hoses are everywhere!

On land, on water or in the air. Even in space. And even where you are on holiday!

Hoses: Reliable travel companions

Even if they are usually not visible at first glance: Hoses are everywhere - even where you go on vacation!

Whether it's an airplane, a ferry, a beach café, a first aid station or an offshore wind farm, our hoses are involved with many things that bring you on vacation or make your stay more enjoyable when you're there.

Sometimes they provide good taste, not infrequently they ensure essential functions or are even vital for survival - and they always have to meet the highest requirements. 

And, quite clearly, our hoses and hose systems are the best!

They are made of high-tech plastics or fabrics, they are precisely produced on specially designed machines, they can be customized - and they are developed and manufactured by people with a passion for flexible connections.

Curious? Then come with us on a trip to the sea - and find out where hoses from us are in it everywhere.

Let's go!



Lightweight hoses for almost all aircraft types

The suitcases are packed, it can go. The taxi takes you to the airport. Here the holiday plane is already waiting for you - lean back relaxed and enjoy the flight. Because we are a long-time and certified partner of the aviation industry and supply parts for almost all types of aircraft.

Masterflex Group vacation mood picture: Family just before departure by plane

Air distribution and air conditioning hoses

Did you know that when you fly, you're sitting just inches away from our hoses?

Because when it's warm or cool flowing from the nozzles in the ceiling above the seats, there's almost always a hose from Matzen & Timm behind it. At our Norderstedt site, in the immediate vicinity of the airport, hoses are manufactured for the air distribution and air conditioning system in aircraft. Wherever fresh or exhaust air, cold or hot, dry or humid exhaust gases, fresh, grey or waste water have to be transported in an aircraft, our sturdy yet lightweight hoses are needed. 

By the way, depending on the requirements and use, the production is still manual work over long distances.


Toilet Service Unit Hoses (TSU)

With hundreds of passengers on long-haul flights, quite a bit can end up in the on-board toilet of an aircraft. But how is it disposed of?

Once the plane has landed, the faeces tank is emptied using a special vehicle. This is where our ground support equipment hoses come into play: the Master-PUR L-MHR suction and transport hose from Masterflex is not only robust, but also lightweight. It can withstand the mechanical stresses caused by friction on the rough asphalt floors of airports. And can be lifted into the air by ground staff with no problem (unlike much heavier rubber hoses). Due to its transparency, it is also easy to see at any time when no more faeces have been passed through, but only rinse water.

Pre Conditioned Air Hoses (PCA)

The aircraft has landed safely - aircraft are also cooled, heated or ventilated on the parking position. That's where our PCA hoses come in.

Matzen & Timm and Masterflex produce flexible and compressible PCA hoses, with which pre-conditioned fresh air is fed into the aircraft cabin. Whether the external air conditioning is centralized via the jetway or decentralized via mobile systems (self-propelled units or trailers). This means that parked aircraft no longer have to run their internal auxiliary power unit (APU) for air conditioning - making it quieter, reducing kerosene consumption and the associated CO2 emissions.





Robust hoses for shipbuilding and shipyard equipment

You have picked up your luggage, change into a rental car and drive to the ferry dock, where the car ferry is already waiting. Our hoses not only perform important functions in the air - they also ensure reliable and safe mobility on water and on land. On shipyards, for example. Whether ferries, yachts, cargo ships or cruise giants: Everything that transports goods or people across the water is represented in the docks of shipbuilding companies. Our hoses ensure safety here.

Welding fumes

Welding is today what riveting was in the past. It brought great advantages to shipbuilders and is now one of the most widespread work processes in shipyards. In addition to noise, however, welding also produces substances that are hazardous to health - both in the form of gases and particles. Particulate substances are formed mainly from the welding filler and from the coatings used. Our special hoses protect employees from welding fumes and are ideally suited for rugged use in shipyards.

An example of this is the Master-PUR Step MHR from Masterflex.



Masterflex Group shipbuilding mood: Ship in dry dock


In addition to particles that are hazardous to health, dangerous gases are also produced during welding - mainly as reaction products from the gases and gas mixtures used and present. Our flexible exhaust gas hoses reliably extract these toxic gases and thus perform well, not only in shipyards. Other examples of exhaust hoses include the Master-Santo L, the Master-Santo SL or the Carflex Super from Masterflex.

These hoses are lightweight, they easily withstand temperatures up to 130°C and are resistant to influences such as UV, ozone, chemicals and seawater.



Masterflex Group vacation mood picture - car ferry

Arrive relaxed

Sitting in the same position for long periods is strenuous for the spine. Our tubes help to ride more back-friendly. So that you arrive relaxed at your destination.

The Master-Tube PA 12w from Novoplast Schlauchtechnik, for example, provides the connection between the pump and air cushion for flexible adjustment of the backrest in the car. Master-Tube PUR hoses are also guaranteed to be at play in massage functions or inflatable seat components.

Novoplast Schlauchtechnik also produces brake hoses for trucks such as the Master-Tube PA 12w Brake and special PA hoses for truck seat suspension.

Masterflex Group vacation mood picture: Happy family waving in car
Masterflex Group truck mood picture: Cab truck - man driving in sunlight

Ouch! If something happens...

Masterflex Group vacation mood picture: Lifebelt in front of blue sea

You can get sick or injured on vacation, too. Our two brands Fleima-Plastic and Novoplast Schlauchtechnik support the medical care of patients with high-quality medical standard articles and accompany medical products as a development partner from the idea to the finished product.


More about our "first helpers":   Novoplast Schlauchtechnik   Fleima-Plastic

Flexible hoses for modern wind turbines

Welcome to the sea! Let the wind blow around your ears. Wind and the energy obtained from it play an important role in the production of energy from renewable sources. And hoses play an important role in the production and operation of modern wind turbines - on land or on the water.

Masterflex Group offshore park mood picture: offshore-park in the sunset


The production of rotor blades for wind turbines generates a lot of dust that has to be extracted. The requirements for the hose are high: it should be abrasion-resistant, lightweight, flexible and partially electrically conductive. The Master-PUR Step MHR from Masterflex meets these requirements - and it can be grounded via a stranded wire.


In the nacelle of a wind turbine, i.e. where the housing enclosure of the generators is located, enormous heat is generated due to the transmitted power, which must be dissipated to the outside. The temperature- and weather-resistant Master-SANTO SL from Masterflex is installed there and provides the necessary cooling.




Temperatures around freezing point, snowfall or freezing rain: Now ice layers can also form on the rotor blades of the wind turbine. Special heating systems for the rotor blades are available so that the rotor blades can still rotate uninterruptedly and the turbine can generate electricity. This is where the Master-SANTO L from Masterflex comes into play.



Wind turbine towers usually look rather unimpressive, but are very important when it comes to stability and energy yield. And they must be ventilated. This is where the Master-Clip PE from Masterflex comes into its own: it has a diameter of up to 2 metres, is very light, has a large pitch and aluminium spirals, and can be laid in bends.

Food grade hoses and tubes for good taste

Are you already getting the smell of coffee in your nose when you see these pictures?The Germans, by the way, are passionate coffee drinkers. And that even on vacation. There is just nothing like a delicious and freshly prepared coffee speciality in a cozy café. In the food industry, by the way, our hoses are used to transport and convey a wide variety of substances. We'll be happy to tell you exactly where - but first take a seat!



Masterflex Group Cafehouse atmosphere picture: Barista hands coffee

In professional coffee machines

When you receive your coffee speciality, you have already had indirect contact with our hoses. Because in professional coffee machines, high-quality hoses made of fluoropolymers are often installed to conduct hot water. And we have a specialist for fluoropolymers within the Masterflex Group - APT.

Tubes made of fluoropolymers are always used when a particularly high-quality material is required. They belong to the high-end polymers - for high-end coffee enjoyment.

In the case of fall conveying of syrup

Want some caramel or vanilla syrup with your coffee? Our hoses are also used in the production of this delicious ingredient. In the so-called case syrup because strict food regulations must be followed. The majority of our food hoses have the appropriate tests.

For example, drop conveying the syrup uses the Master-PUR H Food from Masterflex.

Masterflex Group Cafehouse atmosphere picture
Masterflex Group Cafehouse atmosphere picture: Coffee with cinnamon buns

In the production of bakery products

May we serve you a small cinnamon bun with your coffee? Hoses are also used in the manufacture of baked goods. It starts with the fact that the delivered flour or baking powder has to be transported from the truck to a silo. But our food hoses are in constant use not only during transportation, but also during the manufacturing process.

The Master-PUR HX Food or Polderflex PUR Food from Masterflex, for example, create flexible connections between the distribution station and the dough mixer.

Always when it comes to quality


Only hoses that meet strict regulations and guidelines are allowed to transport food from A to B. All food-grade hoses from Masterflex meet these requirements in terms of material. Novoplast Schlauchtechnik has even launched a food-grade tube that as a whole has EU food approval. The Master-Tube PUR 98A Food fulfils all requirements in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 including the amending regulations as well as the Consumer Goods Regulation, thanks to good manufacturing practice (GMP) product contamination is ruled out from the outset and consistent product quality as well as traceability are ensured.


Hoses are just everywhere!

Here ends our journey - we hope you enjoyed it! You will encounter our hoses not only during the holidays, but also at other times and in many other places. You can learn more about the many uses and applications of our hoses here.


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