MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Our Brands

Today, the Masterflex Group operates worldwide with six corporate brands. Each brand stands for highly specialized and sophisticated hose and connection solutions.

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Application Areas

Whether filigree tubes for medical technology produced in clean rooms, robust and efficient hoses for the transport of bulk goods or super-light and flame-retardant hoses for the aviation industry - the areas of application for our products and solutions are wide and varied. In all these applications, our flexible hoses and connection systems ensure essential functions, withstand special loads and meet the highest quality requirements.

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Masterflex develops and produces extruded spiral hoses, clip-on hoses and foil hoses as well as matching connection elements.

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Masterduct offers spiral hoses in different variants in North and South America. A further speciality are noise-reducing air conditioning and ventilation hoses.

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Matzen & Timm

Matzen & Timm manufactures special hoses, bellows and molded parts from high-quality synthetic rubber materials - by hand and mainly for the aviation industry.

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Novoplast Schlauchtechnik

Novoplast Schlauchtechnik offers hoses, profiles as well as 2D-/3D-moulded hoses made of thermoplastics. The diameters range from 0.1 to 50 millimetres.

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Fleima-Plastic stands for high-quality injection moulding technology. In addition to parts for standard medical applications, moulded parts and components are designed according to individual customer requirements.

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APT is the specialist for smooth and heat-shrinkable tubing and profiles made of fluoropolymers. The components are particularly suitable for laboratory and process engineering, painting technology or household appliances.

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Our Brands
Application Areas

Current: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are here for you!

On the part of the Masterflex Group, we are working on the best possible handling of the constantly changing circumstances with the help of our pandemic emergency plan.

According to our current state of knowledge, we do not anticipate any restrictions in the availability of materials and/or ability to deliver. Nevertheless, the current situation can only be assessed in the very short term and the extent of the overall situation remains almost impossible to assess.

Our sales department is still available for you: by telephone, e-mail and via Microsoft teams. If you wish, also in person in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Masterflex Group: Strong partner for flexible connections

The Masterflex Group is the listed specialist for the development, production and marketing of sophisticated connector and hose systems made of high-performance plastics and fabrics. With six corporate brands and 14 operating subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia, the Masterflex Group is represented almost worldwide. Our products and solutions ensure demanding and essential functions in high-tech sectors such as aerospace, medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering, the chemical industry, food and pharmaceutical technology and other important industries. In addition, the Masterflex Group also offers consulting and order-related development services as part of engineering services. The Masterflex Group has been listed on the stock exchange since 2000.



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Financial News

Despite corona-related revenue weakness Masterflex Group remains significantly profitable in H1 2020

Masterflex Group remains significantly profitable in the second quarter and first half year of 2020 despite corona-related revenue decline

Masterflex SE: Virtual General Meeting approves dividend of 7 cents per share

The Masterflex Share

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"Hoses are so boring!"

At least that's what the classmates of Marie, the daughter of a Masterflex Group employee, think. But they were wrong: Because hoses are everywhere - even if they are often hidden or in the background. The Masterflex Group, with its Masterflex, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik, Fleima Plastic, Matzen & Timm, APT and Masterduct brands, offers an incredibly wide range of products and solutions in the field of technical hoses and connecting parts.
For a multitude of often essential applications, e.g. in the food industry, medical technology or aviation. But: See for yourself! You can find out where it is particularly exciting with our hoses in our film.

About the Company

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Value-based management

We want to be an attractive and appreciative employer, further reduce our use of energy and resources and pursue economic, social and ecological goals in equal measure. Find out here what we are already doing today and what we are planning for tomorrow.

Resposibility at the Masterflex Group


We are a long-standing partner of the agricultural industry. Whether in the spreading of seeds, the transport of grain, in animal feeding or in agricultural machinery: Due to the (often seasonal) use under permanent load, particularly high demands are placed on hoses and connection solutions. Especially our PU spiral hoses score here because of their high abrasion resistance - and thus longer durability than PVC hoses.


The automotive industry is one of the most demanding markets with high quality standards worldwide. Our products and connection solutions are used wherever cars are built, repaired or serviced. Our customers include suppliers to the automotive industry as well as companies from the motor sports sector. Our flexible connections are used, for example, in turbocharger systems, lumbar supports or testing equipment.

Construction, Mining and Earth-moving

Our hoses and connection solutions are used to transport raw materials such as clay, limestone and gypsum, gravel, sand, but also mineral raw materials and building materials resulting from refinement. We offer a wide range of solutions for companies that build machines, plants and equipment for the basic industry, but also for manufacturers of construction machinery and construction vehicles: from heavy PU hoses for highly abrasive media to high-temperature hoses and corrugated hoses made of fluoropolymers.


In the chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, reactive gases and vapours are often produced, which pose a great challenge to hoses. For such extreme requirements, we offer an almost unlimited selection of hoses and connection systems. Our customers include companies that produce and process chemicals, companies that build machinery, equipment and plant for the chemical industry, as well as companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

Municipal Disposal and Cleaning Technology

Whether municipal technology, leaf vacuum cleaners, grass mowers or cleaning systems: our hoses and connection solutions are used by companies that build cleaning technology systems and equipment, as well as by companies that use suction or blowing technology or take on (asbestos) disposal and industrial cleaning tasks. We also offer industry-specific solutions for use in sweepers and suction vehicles.

Fluid Technology

Our hoses and connection systems are designed for reliability and high performance. Our robust PU hoses are particularly suitable for the special requirements in fluid technology. They are used by mechanical and plant engineers who apply fluid technology, e.g. in hydraulics (transmission of energy by hydraulic fluid) or in pneumatics (transmission by compressed air).


The requirement to convey or extract solid, liquid or gaseous substances arises for many companies in the industrial environment. Our precisely fitting hoses and connection solutions are used in numerous industries: in the processing of wood, metal, textiles or paper as well as in the production of electronic assemblies, in the production of machines for the wood, metal, textile or paper industry or in recycling.


The processing of plastics is a multi-layered process, at the end of which there are finished moulded parts, semi-finished products, fibres or films. During processing, granules or powder are usually transported and distributed over long distances. Companies that build machines for the plastics industry or process plastics can rely on our products and solutions.

Paint Technology

In the painting industry, entire painting lines are equipped with our hoses and connection solutions for paint supply - even in explosion-proof plants. Companies that build plants and equipment for painting and paint spraying technology particularly appreciate the high quality and chemical resistance of our optionally or combined antistatic, electrically conductive tubes, which are also available in high-voltage-resistant versions.

Food and Beverage

In the food industry, hosesand tubes are used for the transport and conduction of a large number of liquid or solid media. Only hoses that comply with strict regulations and guidelines are allowed to transport coffee, sugar or even powdered milk from A to B. Companies that build machines and plants for the food industry or process food rely on our certified tubes, hoses and connection solutions suitable for use with food.

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

For many years, craftsmen's workshops that install and maintain air conditioning and (exhaust) ventilation technology, as well as companies that build machines, equipment and systems that extract or move air have relied on our flexible solutions. Our hoses are also used in engine test benches for the extraction of gases, vapours and dusts that are hazardous to health.


Due to our experienced handling of the most diverse qualification requirements as well as our high level of development competence, we are one of the most important suppliers to the aviation industry: almost every Airbus aircraft contains hoses from us. But our products and connection solutions are not only used in the air, but also on the ground, e.g. when aircraft on the ground are supplied with electricity or the contents of vacuum toilets are vacuumed.

Mechanical Engineering

Anyone who thinks a hose is a trivial C product is mistaken. For many decades, our hoses and connection solutions have ensured essential functions in important machines and systems. We are the first hose manufacturer ever to also offer digital hose systems with integrated lifecycle tracking functions (AMPIUS®) that can be read out via an app.

Medical Technology

Medical technology would be unthinkable without plastics. At the same time, medical technology is one of the most heavily regulated industries of all. Our extruded medical tubes manufactured in clean rooms, as well as the corresponding injection molded parts and connectors for standard medical applications, make an important contribution to safe and efficient medical care.

Robotics and Automation

With our products and connection solutions we respond to the new requirements in robotics and automation technology. We thus ensure maximum productivity in modern manufacturing and an efficient flow of materials. Industrial or cleaning robots, for example, not only receive reliable energy through our tubes, but also receive the necessary cable protection.

Bulk Solids

If sand, gravel, shards, stones, cement, concrete, gypsum, powder, grain or granulate are transported or vacuumed, a robust hose with an absolutely smooth inner wall and a suitable connection part is welcome. Thanks to these characteristics in combination with long service life, the two "patented" PU hoses Master-PUR-Inline and Master-PUR-Performance are among the absolute customer favourites for the bulk material industry.


We secure mobility systems: Our products and connection solutions can be found in trucks, rail vehicles, buses, ships and aircraft. Our hoses are not only installed in numerous vehicles and aircraft, but are also used wherever transport and commercial vehicles and aircraft are repaired or maintained.

Acting responsibly

Corporate governance is an important aspect of our corporate management. The topic sheds light on rules, processes, procedures and ethical issues.

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Effects of COVID-19

Dr. Andreas Bastin, CEO of the Masterflex Group, in an interview about corona measures and foreseeable challenges associated with them.

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