MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
Two colleagues from Matzen & Timm stand in the production area and look together at a technical drawing.

Together to the Goal

Social sustainability put the people and the society at the centre of attention. We assume responsibility for all our actions towards our fellow human beings and the society in which we live day by day.

Social Responsibility

Committed, qualified and satisfied employees are another very important factor for the holistic implementation of our sustainable corporate strategy. To ensure that valuable contributions can be made, we at Masterflex Group create a positive environment, a friendly and appreciative corporate culture and optimum working conditions.

Digital & flexible Working

We attach great importance to enabling our employees to combine work and family life or special life situations - with flexible and modern working time models that adapt to the different phases of life of our employees.

These include flexible flextime arrangements, part-time models or home office options. Masterflex was already awarded the "Family-friendly company" seal of approval by the Gelsenkirchen Alliance for Families in 2012.

We have established our own employee app in order to strengthen and more closely network internal communication as another important component of the Company's success across all locations. The "MFGconnect" app (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) - alluding to the company slogan "Connecting Values" - runs equally well on all mobile devices and desktop PCs. Employees can decide for themselves when and where they consume e.g. company news - whether at work, on the train or on the way to the next meeting.

Mother with child sitting next to each other at the table, she works and supervises with schoolwork.
Women's feet in pumps under a desk and safety shoes in the foreground.

Stay healthy

Within the framework of company health management, we work together with the company "medicos Auf Schalke" in Gelsenkirchen, for example. In accordance with the Betsi prevention programme ("Ensuring employability through participation"), we enable our employees to participate in this health-promoting programme. In addition, we organise recurring

  • free flu vaccinations
  • nutritional advice and
  • Health checks

These offers are meeting with great interest among our employees. Employees who are on long-term sick leave also receive support from the company integration management. This is also intended to prevent incapacity to work.

The side entrance of the Matzen and Timm with administration building.

Putting Fugitives to Work

At the Norderstedt site, we have enabled refugees to enter the job market: 10 interested applicants have completed a 14-day internship in production, eight of whom have been given an employment contract. A language teacher taught German to the men from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Albania and Iran, so that integration took place via the language and daily work. The project was supported by an external partner. Conclusion: Half of the men managed to integrate and are now regularly employed.

Running for a good Cause

We support social projects by participating in local company runs such as the "B2Run" in Gelsenkirchen. In addition, we donate a fixed amount for each runner to the Gelsenkirchen Children's Table. And this has been the case since the first edition of the six-kilometre long company run on Schalke in 2015.

To the News

Masterflex employees in same running clothes after a B2Run.
Mr. Mettge hands over a check from the Masterflex Group to two employees of the Gelsenkirchener Kindertafel with a smile.
Here the handing over of the cheque with the proceeds from the company run 2019

Cooperation with the Children's Table

A further expression of our social responsibility is the cooperation with the Gelsenkirchen Children's Table as part of the Gelsenkirchener Tafel, which was started in 2012.

The aim of the cooperation is primarily to support the Tafel in its initiative "Breakfast Bread" as well as its other activities for disadvantaged children and their families, such as the clothing store. Supporting the commitment of the Children's Table in the long term is very important to us. Because when children from socially disadvantaged families - for whatever reason - have to go to school on an empty stomach, the basis for sensible learning is lacking. This is primarily a matter of satisfying a basic need: food.

Long-standing Cooperation with the Elbe-Werkstätten

Since 2011, employees of Hamburger Elbe-Werkstätten have been deployed at the Norderstedt site, where they carry out light work. With this inclusion agreement, we have set ourselves the goal of assigning people with disabilities tasks that are appreciated, in which they can optimally use and develop their strengths and potential and receive recognition for the work they have done.

In this way, we internalize the topic of inclusion together and successfully implement it as a matter of course in our everyday interactions.

The Elbe-Werkstätten film shows the tasks performed by the external work team at Matzen & Timm.

A smiling employee in the production rooms of Matzen & Timm during an interview about working with handicapped people.

It was said: people with a disability help us. As I had never encountered this in my private life before, I didn't know how to deal with it at first. Today, I wouldn't want to miss any of them.

Mike Borchert, Production Foreman, Matzen & Timm GmbH, Masterflex Group

Motivate employees

The development engineer with a group of pupils working on a hose in a workshop.

Satisfied and motivated employees are important to us. A low fluctuation rate at many of our locations as well as positive return rates after parental leave indicate that our employees are very satisfied. As a value-oriented company, our corporate culture contributes to the fact that our employees are proud to work for us.

In order to be prepared for future challenges, we specifically address potential specialists and junior staff at career fairs and via electronic media, engage in cooperation with universities, offer internships, inform interested young people about their career opportunities in the Masterflex Group at an early stage and regularly participate in the annual "Girls Day" campaign, for example.


A man sits at his desk in front of his PC and telephone.

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