MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


Do you have general questions about the organisation, our locations or would you like to make a specific inquiry about the Masterflex Group? Or are you looking for a special contact person for a specific department? We have some suggestions for you to choose from.

MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
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What cooperation opportunities are there?

We offer project-related opportunities for cooperation in the areas of "sustainability/ESG" and "digitalization projects" for startups, for example! Furthermore we assign student research projects and theses for these interesting areas of responsibility.

For students  For startups 

Cooperations for student research projects and theses as well as working student positions/internships

Profitieren Sie von praxisnahen Projekten und persönlicher Betreuung!

What's next?

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Example tasks in the area of "Sustainability/ESG":

  • Collaboration in the strategy and roadmap development for all-encompassing, sustainable management within the corporate group as well as in the implementation of corresponding projects
  • Collaboration in the recording, evaluation and integration of the multi-layered sustainability projects and topics already lived in the group today
  • Collaboration in the development of an ESG rating and reporting system for the Masterflex Group  

Example tasks in the area of "digitalization projects":

  • Collaboration in product data maintenance, document management and in the e-commerce area for further system integration in the course of our digital transformation and based on our modern, highly integrated and cloud-based system solutions (e.g. PIM, CRM, ERP, MDE systems)
  • Collaboration in data recording, maintenance and integration in the course of our IIoT application of the area "AMPIUS", the world's first smart hose solutions.
  • Collaborate in the further development and roll-out of our IT/digitization infrastructure. You should bring a certain database know-how as well as a good willingness to familiarize yourself with database structures and, if necessary, new IT/app applications  




You are an undergraduate or graduate student in possible relevant fields (computer science, marketing, digitalization, engineering or economics...) and should have an interest in one of the above tasks and the respective underlying specialist topics. Motivation, creativity and curiosity, combined with the willingness to become part of an innovative team or project are very welcome.


We are happy to provide good professional supervision, in close coordination with your chair/your institute. In addition, we will be happy to make you the offer of needs-oriented further development coaching.

  • You bring good knowledge of the relevant MS Office applications and have a good affinity to quickly familiarize yourself with new IT / app applications or other digital applications
  • We assume very good German and English skills
  • You enjoy working in an innovative, in the transformation agile team and to work on interdisciplinary projects
  • You want to get to know incidentally an interesting and forward-looking employer

You can apply via our career portal

Tip: Click on the round button at the bottom of the respective page to contact us!

Application Working Student / Internship Application Student research project or thesis



Cooperations with startup companies? Gladly!

Entwickeln Sie mit uns visionäre und smarte Verbindungslösungen

You have an idea that fits with our digital tubes? Whether it's data acquisition, processing or display - in this context, we can very well imagine a collaboration with a dedicated team. From experience, a perspective from the outside always offers a new way of looking at things, and that's exactly what we want for a fruitful collaboration.

If you have an underlying subject-specific interest, please feel free to contact us at the address below and provide us with your context and idea for a cooperation in a short briefing. Our responsible team will then get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!


Focus topic complex Digitization & AMPIUS:

  • Data acquisition, maintenance and integration in the course of our IIoT application of the "AMPIUS" division, our world's first smart hose system components
  • Data Science, Smart Solutions, Sensor Technology and Predictive Maintenance belong to the forced topics
  • in addition to the sales approaches of the classic e-commerce
  • further system integration in the course of digital transformation - of course based on our system solutions (PIM-, CRM-, ERP-, MDE- systems)


    Check out the talk on startups in the Emscher-Lippe region!

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    Masterflex Group: Dr. Andreas Bastin prepares for the digital preliminary report

    Conversation desired?

    Feel free to get in touch and we can look at the options together!


    Corona Note

    Of course, within the framework of the chosen task and the resulting work necessities (on-site presence required), we will provide you with customized work and hygiene instructions that comply with current occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

    Your and our employees' safety is of course our highest priority!  

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    Acting Responsibly

    Corporate governance is an important aspect of our corporate management. The topic sheds light on rules, processes, procedures and ethical issues.

    More on Corporate Governance

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    Reports & Publications

    What the media report about us, interviews in trade magazines, white papers and other articles are clearly arranged for you to download.

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    Effects of COVID-19

    Dr. Andreas Bastin, CEO of the Masterflex Group, in an interview about corona measures and foreseeable challenges associated with them.

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