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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
Product image: An AMPIUS system: the digital hose system of the Masterflex Group

AMPIUS® - The Future of Flow Technology

The future is digital and the hose of the future is intelligent. We were the first company on the market to develop digital hose systems. Learn more about AMPIUS® - The Future of Flow Technology!

Digital Components  AMPIUS® Mission

AMPIUS® - The Digital Hose Systems of the Masterflex Group

Masterflex Group: Mood, this is what the future of digital hoses looks like

Hoses and connection systems play an important role in the productivity, functionality, quality and safety of machines and systems. Until now, complex components such as pumps, drives or valves have been digitized. But the hose of the future is also intelligent.

We are the first hose manufacturer ever to launch a complete operator system consisting of hose, sensor technology, engineering and data processing: Under the name AMPIUS® we offer hose systems with integrated life cycle tracking functions as well as a matching app.

The AMPIUS® app can be used to automatically read the product signature of the hose system, which in a basic version is equipped with a digital interface as standard. In this way, technical data or "life cycle data" such as production or shipping date can be queried or requests for quotations can be made at the push of a button.

Digitalisation opens up completely new possibilities in terms of product design and optimisation. In the future, it will also be possible to call up information on wear, abrasion, temperature, flow rate and many other parameters for appropriately equipped products.

The digitalization possibilities are not limited to specific hose series or specific application areas. In principle, we are able to implement networkable and smart variants and options for our entire hose program, which are adapted to the special requirements of Industry 4.0.

Masterflex Group: Dr. Andreas Bastin sitting at desk

We have hit a real nerve with our ideas and plans.

Dr. Andreas Bastin, CEO of the Masterflex Group
Mood image for the AMPIUS® App: App logo in front of an abstract background.
Mood image for the AMPIUS® App: App logo in front of an abstract background.

Digital ID and Lifecycle Tracking for your Hose Systems

If you are interested in AMPIUS®-App, you will receive a registration e-mail when you purchase one of our AMPIUS® hose systems. You can easily download the app from the usual app stores.

Google Play StoreApple App Store

Why choose the Masterflex Group as the Digitizer of your Systems?

Manufacturing Competence

As an innovation and technology leader, we master the entire process chain. Starting with the first meeting on site, through inventory analysis, to the development and manufacture of the appropriate products.

We translate your requirements into solutions by selecting and processing the right materials. We have sound experience in the use of various manufacturing technologies. Our hoses are produced on ultra-modern production facilities. Product-specific and partly self-developed technologies contribute to the high quality of our hoses.

Material Competence

We process high-performance plastics and fabrics with exceptional properties. In doing so, we can draw on many years of experience in the field of polymer materials and technically sophisticated fabrics and their processing.

By processing modern materials, we realize solutions that can only be realized inadequately, at great expense or not at all with conventional materials. We have the necessary materials expertise to process these demanding materials into products that set international standards.

The advantages of intelligent hoses are manifold. Let's stay with the example of "wear monitoring": The hose signals when wear reaches a critical area. Consequential damage or even a complete production standstill can be prevented.

Stefan Nüßen, Technology and Development at Masterflex SE
Abstract image of a future vision for AMPIUS: Digital hoses from the Masterflex Group

Solutions for every Application

The requirement to convey, extract or conduct solids, gases or liquids arises for many companies in the industrial environment. Here, it is always very specific boundary conditions that determine which solution is the most suitable. Diameter, minimum bending radius, pressure load, temperature resistance, legal requirements, conformity requirements - these are just a few of the factors that determine the selection of hoses.

Together, we develop custom-fit hose designs for every application, no matter how specific.

Analysis and Quality Control

Within the Masterflex Group, we have a large number of in-house laboratory and analysis facilities. These enable us to test our products and systems under almost authentic operating conditions.

You can rely on the high, consistent quality of our products. Our products meet the highest national and international quality standards. This is the demand we make on ourselves. Whether heat, cold, severe weather conditions or exposure to chemicals, our products convince through their durability and safety.

Overview of our Digital Components

We can transfer our long and broad production and material know-how to a wide range of new applications in the field of Smart Products and Internet of Things (IoT).

The digital components can be individually adapted. Based on your requirements we create a design development plan. Depending on the application and requirements, the sensor data recorded in the hose system are read out by different data transmission techniques and the data are then made usable.

Sensor Technology in the Hose

Masterflex Group: Product picture of an AMPIUS hose system

Products of the AMPIUS® series have a sensor technology specially adapted to the customer's needs.

  • Wear sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Light sensors
  • and many more

The sensor data recorded in the hose system are read out by different data transmission techniques depending on the application conditions and functional requirements, enabling you to design your processes intelligently and with an eye to the future, and to optimize processes and costs.

Data Logger

Picture of the digital device of the AMPIUS®. Reading the data via a smartphone.

Our AMPIUS® data loggers offer the possibility of recording a wide range of environmental parameters such as air pressure and temperature. The data loggers can be mounted directly on the hoses, but also at other locations in production and storage.

We are already optimizing our own production and warehouse using the AMPIUS® data loggers developed in-house. Our customers already benefit from this. Of course, our customers can also integrate data loggers into their individually developed AMPIUS® solution and start their optimisation.

Digital ID und Lifecycle-Tracking

Masterflex Group: The AMPIUS app in use - a developer explains the product to a colleague

AMPIUS® hose systems can be read out with the aid of a permanently installed reader or mobile device (e.g. smartphone). The basic version offers a unique identification as well as linkable, more detailed product information. In addition, information on the individual product life cycles will also be available in future.

You can quickly and easily

  • Get product information,
  • Optimize maintenance process,
  • Plan optimal product usage times and
  • Determine maintenance times.
Masterflex Group: Image of wires on a computer chip

AMPIUS® and Engineering Services

Together with our customers we develop tailor-made digital solutions. In doing so, we always adapt the components to the specific challenges of the customer in order to achieve the greatest possible customer benefit.

More about our Engineering Services


The constant changes in the market and the increasing demands, particularly in the area of digitalisation, open up completely new possibilities in terms of product design and optimisation. As an innovation leader, we naturally make use of these new possibilities.

Of course, this is only possible in close cooperation with our customers. Concrete requirement profiles, technical feasibility and the resulting benefits are our constant motivation. Irrespective of such engineering projects, as an innovation leader it is of course always our ambition as well to continuously develop our high-tech hose systems and integrate new technologies.


Together we create an individual design development plan. The heart of our Engineering Services is a central development and project management team:

The entire knowledge of the Masterflex Group is bundled at this interface: Teamwork and targeted exchange of know-how lead to the best possible solution, which is tested extensively together in the concrete application and then approved by the customer. The digital components are adapted to the customer's requirements on the basis of modular hardware and software.

Our AMPIUS® Mission

Abstract thumbnail to video: With AMPIUS®, our digital hose systems, we are consistently moving towards Industry 4.0 . Intelligent sensor technology makes our hoses fit for the future.

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