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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Future strategy Hero@Zero

Masterflex SE transforms business model towards circular economy by 2035 with future strategy Hero@Zero.


As an innovation leader, Masterflex SE is gradually transforming its business in the area of hose and connection systems into a circular economy by 2035. As part of the new, pioneering "Hero@Zero" strategy for the future, resource consumption in all parts of the company is to be steadily reduced and eco-effectiveness increased. In this way, Masterflex wants to make a traceable positive contribution to the quality of life of future generations.

Realizing the Hero@Zero vision means designing and manufacturing hose and connection systems in the future in such a way that they can be taken back, reprocessed and reused after use. A revolutionary approach that minimizes resource consumption and significantly reduces the CO2 footprint of Masterflex Group products for customers. 
For customers, the hoses and connection systems used in a closed loop mean higher efficiency and waste reduction on the one hand. On the other hand, they have the possibility to adapt the expected future regulations at an early stage.

For Masterflex SE, this step means, apart from the ecological advantages, an even higher customer loyalty and the expansion of the business model with services around the topic of digitalized connection technology with predictable sales revenues and reduced resource consumption.

Dr. Andreas Bastin, CEO of Masterflex SE: "With "Hero@Zero" we are setting new standards in the hose and connection systems industry. We see it as our duty to make our products more sustainable and at the same time increase the high quality and performance our customers have come to expect. By transforming to a circular economy, we are actively helping to protect our environment, become more efficient ourselves, and make a significant contribution to the sustainability and profitability of our customers."

In the future, you will find further information on "Hero@Zero" online in our news section at:

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