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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Ultralight tubing by Matzen & Timm meets the stringent demands of the aviation industry

New ventilation system tubing developed by Matzen & Timm


Light, lighter and even lighter: the new ventilation system tubing developed by Matzen & Timm conforms to one of the most important needs of the aviation sector. The new product is 25% lighter than its forerunner. 

A core aim of aircraft designers is to reduce the weight of their machines to a minimum because the less an aircraft weighs, the less fuel it consumes. Special lightweight tubing systems, and particularly the 'HPL 2P-SK' ultra lightweight ventilation system tubing by Matzen & Timm of the Masterflex Group, also help to further reduce the quantity of kerosene an aircraft requires.

Weight is a particularly important aspect when it comes to equipment that is to be used in aircraft. These must not only be capable of withstanding maximum mechanical stress and have the capacity for self-extinguishing but must also - and most importantly - be light.

"Some time ago we received an enquiry from a customer who asked if we could produce tubing that was even lighter than the very lightweight tubing and bellows that were already in our range," explains Erik Lichte, Inside Sales Manager Lightweight Assemblies at Matzen & Timm. In response, the technicians and designers at Matzen & Timm developed the 'HPL 2P-SK', an improved version of their HPL tubing that is now even more suitable for use in aviation-related applications. Lichte adds: "Our new version is roughly 25% lighter than the predecessor product."

In the product name, 'HPL' stands for the material, which is called Hypalon®. Hypalon® is the trademark for a high quality, extremely durable elastomer. With its two layers of Hypalon® and a non-metallic spiral, the tubing may be of standard construction but the material and the high quality processing ensure that it is extremely efficient. Efficiency is a deciding factor, as the ventilation system tubing is to be used in an important section of aircraft.

The 'HPL 2P-SK' is the successor to the high performance tubing 'HPL 2R-SK' - another ultra lightweight hose produced by Matzen & Timm. This was also developed to meet specific customer requirements and has since become a standard item among the Matzen & Timm product range.

One of the five specialised members of the globally active Masterflex Group, Matzen & Timm has been a certified aviation industry supplier for many years. Components for nearly all types of aircraft are supplied from the plant in Norderstedt. Included in Matzen & Timm's range are high temperature tubing, tubing for extraction and coolant systems together with vacuum toilet and bleed air Systems.

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